We met as aspiring novelists--attending author signings, fretting over shoddy manuscripts, searching for quality agents, and dreaming of seeing our books on shelves. When we landed our first book deals (within forty-five days of each other), we did so together--the first time over the phone (Lindsay!), and the second at the Texas Library Association Convention (Victoria!).  

Today, we have seventeen traditionally published books between us, and we still share our successes and failures. Which is why we decided that together--along with Ryan Scott, finance man extraordinaire--we'd launch the company we wished we had when we first started out, and one we could utilize today. A box that would improve a writer’s craft, would inspire and motivate them to push onward, would supply quality reading material to learn by, and would lower the divide between publishing professionals and authors.  

We can’t wait to share what’s inside our box!       


Victoria & Lindsay

The Scribbler Team

Victoria Scott

Victoria is an acclaimed author of nine traditionally published books sold across fourteen markets. She holds a Master of Business Administration, and had a career in advertising prior to writing.

Lindsay Cummings

Lindsay is a #1 NY Times bestselling author of eight traditionally published novels. She published her first book with HarperCollins at the age of 19, and is the co-owner of a thriving editorial company.

Ryan Scott

Ryan holds a Master of Business Administration, and has worked as an executive in finance and digital marketing with global corporations for fifteen years. His work has been referenced by numerous publications, including CNN Money.