Kim Lozano, Author at SCRIBBLER

Author: Kim Lozano

Kim Lozano is an editor and creative writing coach from St. Louis. Her work has been published in The Iowa Review, North American Review, DIY MFA, CRAFT, and many other publications. You can find out more about her classes and the writing resources she offers at

16 Approaches to Titling Your Book

Titling your book is a huge marketing decision. If you’ve had the same working title since you started drafting, you need to put some thought into whether it’s the best title before you send it out for possible publication. Discover 16 approaches to titling your book.

HELP! I Think My Story Is Boring

If you suspect your story is boring, it probably is. But the problem might not be as catastrophic as you think. Here are some instances where you should check your story for the humdrums, and examples of what you can do to fix them.

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