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5 Ways To Tackle Revisions

Revising after that initial dump of creativity is hard, but a few techniques exist as a starting point when facing the seemingly insurmountable task of turning — as Jessica puts it — your beloved dumpster fire into the brilliant gem it’s destined to become.

How to Edit Your Book: Tips from Bestselling Authors

Imagine this, you’re sitting in your favorite writing space, frantically scribbling on the page until you finally see it, the words you’ve been waiting to see you since you began writing: “The End.” Reaching the end of a manuscript can be a thrilling, cathartic experience, but for many, it invokes new anxieties. In this article we’ll be addressing these concerns.

How to Get the Most Out of Professional Editing

Other than a writer’s time, editing services can be one of the costliest purchases for a manuscript. However, paying an editor will increase your final project’s value. Whether you are considering hiring a copyeditor for your fifth published book, or you are halfway through your first experience with an editor, here are five steps to help you get the most value out of your editorial experience.

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