May 2023 Box | Dan Chaon | Momentum

Inside the Box

The Novel

Sleepwalk, a high speed and darkly comic road trip through a near future America with a big-hearted mercenary, f rom beloved and acclaimed award- winning novelist Dan Chaon.

Writing Passport

An exclusive Writing Passport penned by the Scribbler team and Dan Chaon about MOMENTUM.

Exclusive Chat

An exclusive invitation to chat with Kathleen Foxx, owner/editor at Foxx Editorial and host of the #badasswriters podcast.

Publishing Process Inside Look

In this Publishing Process Inside Look, Dan Chaon shares two novel proposals that led to acquisition along with an incredible revision checklist from Jennifer De Leon.

Legendary Writer Pencil Tin

This Scribbler-exclusive tin pencil box pays homage to some of the great contemporary writers of the past 100 years.

Onyx + Green Mechanical Pencils

What goes great with a pencil box? You guessed it – pencils. Our friends at Onyx + Green come correct with a colorful trio of mechanical pencils.

“Fight On” Sticker

Let the vibrant, energetic design of this motivating sticker from our friends at Compendium remind you to be bold, be brave, and fight on!

Rule Breaker Chocolate Brownie

Last but not least, a chocolate brownie treat from our friends at Rule Breaker Snacks. It’s vegan & gluten-free. It’s also DELICIOUS!

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