The New, Improved Scribbler Box

It’s been as incredible 5-year run. We’ve sent a shocking number of boxes around the world and partnered with an amazing community of writers looking to take the next step toward their publishing dream. We love you guys. It’s that love that drives us to provide the highest quality box to you month after month.

But even the best can improve. Apple puts out a new phone every year – each time a little better than the year before. Your manuscript (conceptually) gets better with each pass. You get the idea. We’ve spent the past few months working out how we can improve the Scribbler box this year and beyond. And we think we came up with some doozies.

The Books

We’ve partnering with new contacts in the publishing industry to open the doors for including some of the heavyweights in the author world. We’re talking the big time, folks. We’ve got the next 6 months planned out and it’s pretty mind blowing – titles from Simon & Schuster, HarperCollins, Macmillan, Hachette. Huge names coming out of the gates.

The Learning Materials

We’re playing with the format of the Passports a bit – some will be essays as they have always been and some will be more James Lipton-style interviews. After five years it’ll be a good change-up from time to time. And the PPIL booklets are getting a once-over as well. We’re going to give you content from multiple authors each month – so you’ll get an expanded look behind the publishing curtain.

The Writerly Gifts

Like I said before – we’ve planned out the next several months of boxes. We can tell you with all sincerity that the gifts are some of our best yet. Our on-staff design team is the best we’ve had in our short history. The stuff they’re coming up with is SO good. We also found new suppliers that will allow us to pack more value into each box. You’ll notice the difference – starting in March.

The Experience

I mentioned the design team a moment ago. They’ve taken it upon themselves to reimagine the box packaging – and the results are amazing! We have a new box design – really an updated design that’s an homage to what we’ve done in the past. And we now have the ability to do custom color boxes. You’ll see the first one in March! Each month will also have a different tape design as well – just another layer of fun. And the biggest change – no more orange crinkle paper. We’re going with a new, more environmentally friendly Scribbler tissue paper. Your recycling bin will thank us.

Thanks, again, for helping to support Scribbler. We’ll continue to do everything we can to bring you the best experience possible!

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