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Winning awards and contests is often cited as one of the best ways to improve your craft and stand out to literary agents and editors. So we launched Scribbler Contests to give writers unique opportunities to enter their work for review by the Scribbler editorial team, which is overseen by a #1 New York Times bestselling author. We’ve put together a calendar of monthly challenges and accompanying prizes we’re proud to present, which includes things like cash, retail gift cards, reviews by some of the best editors in the industry, and more. So sharpen that pencil, grab a cup of coffee, and find that perfect-fit contest. We can’t wait to read your submission, Scribbler!

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Current Contest

  • This month we’re looking for a scene that features incredible dialogue. Whether it be witty banter between two lovers, an argument between enemies, a motivational speech from a captain to a private, we’re looking for dialogue that’s full of humor, tension, passion, or emotion.
  • $100 Out of Print Gift Card (1st Place) + Editorial Feedback from Erin McClary, Associate Editor at Sourcebooks (1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place)
  • September 14 – 28 (Winner announced October 2nd)
  • Submissions must be 2,000 words or less

Upcoming Contests

Villian Contest

Opens October

November Contest

Opens November

Dialogue Contest

Opens December