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How To Get Your Book Rights Back And Why You Should

For years, Katlyn was a contracted author who had little control over her books after they were published. The lack of marketing for her books after their “season” and low royalties made her feel like a failure, but when she got the rights back to her book, she had a new sense of purpose to keep these books published on her terms. Her article explores the ins and outs of rights reversion and why it is important for the long-term vision for your book.

How to Find Time to Write as a Parent

Most people might assume that once they become a parent, there is no time for writing. And if they manage to find some spare time, they are too exhausted to make any headway on a draft. I used to think the same thing. However, I have surprisingly made the most progress in my writing after becoming a mother.

How to Edit Your Book: Tips from Bestselling Authors

Imagine this, you’re sitting in your favorite writing space, frantically scribbling on the page until you finally see it, the words you’ve been waiting to see you since you began writing: “The End.” Reaching the end of a manuscript can be a thrilling, cathartic experience, but for many, it invokes new anxieties. In this article we’ll be addressing these concerns.