Fuel Your Writing Journey with Freewriting: Embrace the Messy First Draft

Fuel Your Writing Journey with Freewriting: Embrace the Messy First Draft

Adapted from Freewrite’s article: The Science Behind Freewriting.  Read all the way to the end for a special offer for Scribbler fans!

As writers, we often face the significant challenge of battling perfectionism and staying productive. Scribbler and Freewrite believe in the power of the messy first draft to unleash creativity, and here's why:

1. Ditching Perfectionism

Perfectionism can stifle your creative process. The truth is that allowing yourself to write without worrying about grammar, structure, or even the future of your manuscript can be incredibly liberating. Dr. Carol Dweck's research on the growth mindset shows that accepting the messiness of the first draft can open up new avenues for creativity and growth. This mindset encourages us to view our writing as a journey of discovery rather than a final product.

2. Boosting Productivity

We all know the struggle of spending too much time perfecting a single sentence. Freewriting shifts the goal from perfection to simply getting words on the page, helping you stay "in the zone" and hit your word count faster. The concept of flow, introduced by psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, highlights the state of intense focus and immersion that freewriting can induce, especially when done on a distraction-free device like the Freewrite Alpha.

3. Sparking Creativity

When you stop worrying about creating perfect content in your first draft, your brain begins to engage in lateral thinking. This allows for a more creative and unrestricted flow of ideas. Freewriting lets you play and explore your narrative without the constraints of conventional thinking, often uncovering the true essence of your story.

4. Experiencing Joy

Finally, one of the most significant benefits of a messy first draft is the sheer joy of writing freely. It reminds us of the unrestrained and anxiety-free writing we did as kids. This method not only boosts productivity and creativity but also makes the writing process more enjoyable.

Exclusive Offer for Scribbler Fans

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Happy writing,

The Scribbler and Freewrite Teams

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