February Featured Author

February Featured Author

Welcome to Scribbler’s author spotlight series — an interview with our subscription box‘s monthly author! Each month, we’ll interview the author of our featured book to help you learn a little more about them and their writing process. This month’s spotlight was Amy Andrews.

1. “Pantser” or “Plotter?”

Little bit of A, little bit of B. There are things I know when I start a book because it’s usually been ruminating for a while. For some books I have a synopsis I’m working off, for others there’s nothing but a jumble of thoughts. I always do a Pinterest board for each book to give me the “vibe” and helps me if I get lost at all.

2. How many hours a day do you write?

That has varied drastically over the course of my career. Currently it’s probably about six. I’ve always been a fast writer but I’ve slowed down these past few years which has been unnerving and surprising but absolutely vital!

3. Who’s your favorite fictional character?

Well now….that’s a big question lol. I don’t know if I have just one? But one of the top would have to be Charlotte from Charlotte’s Web – one of the few books I consistently re-read.

4. What’s your favorite part of the writing process?

The moment I write THE END!

5. Do you prefer writing on paper or doing everything digitally?

I wrote my first 5 books long hand – old school baby! – but I trained myself to write directly into the computer and haven’t looked back!

6. As a writer, what would you choose as your mascot?

I would once have said the hare, now I say the tortoise. One word after the other after the other in a consistent pattern gets the book written!

7. What was the last thing (song, podcast, etc.) you listened to?

The Categorically Romance Podcast. I love this category romance focused platform with author interviews as well as fan-girl/reviewer/blogger chats too!

8. If you could time travel (to the past or future), where/when would you go?

I get my husband to kill it and then insist he burns the house down….

9. If there’s a spider in your house, do you kill it or set it free? 

We definitely escort any uninvited visitors outside and set them free. Live and let live.

10. What’s something you could eat for a week straight?  


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The Scribbler Team

Victoria Scott started Scribbler in 2017 after traditionally publishing an impressive number of books with companies like HarperCollins Harlequin Scholastic and Macmillan. Victoria is an Uber-hailing city girl who is passionate about writing and helping other writers find their voice.

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