September Author Spotlight [BOX SPOILERS]

September Author Spotlight [BOX SPOILERS]

Welcome to Scribbler’s author spotlight series — an interview with our subscription box‘s monthly author! Each month, we’ll interview the author of our featured book to help you learn a little more about them and their writing process.

This month’s spotlight is on Annette Chavez Macias. Their novel Big Chicas Don’t Cry, is our September read. You can find Big Chicas Don’t Cry for sale anywhere books are sold.

Four cousins navigate love, loss, and the meaning of family over the course of one memorable year in this heartfelt family drama.

Cousins Mari, Erica, Selena, and Gracie are inseparable. They aren’t just family but best friends—sharing secrets, traditions, and a fierce love for their abuelita. But their idyllic childhood ends when Mari’s parents divorce, forcing her to move away. With Mari gone, the girls’ tight-knit bond unravels.

Fifteen years later, Mari’s got the big house and handsome husband, but her life is in shambles. Erica’s boyfriend just dumped her, and her new boss hates her. Selena can’t seem to find her place in the world—not Mexican enough for her family, not white enough for her colleagues. And Gracie is a Catholic school teacher with an all-consuming crush, but she can’t trust herself when it comes to romance.

As rocky as the cousins’ lives have become, nothing can prepare them for the heartbreaking loss of a loved one. When tragedy reunites them, will they remember their abuelita’s lessons about family and forgiveness—or are fifteen years of separation too much to overcome? Thank you for the interview, Annette Chavez Macias!

1. “Pantser” or “Plotter?”

A little bit of both.

2. How many hours a day do you write?

It depends on whether I’m deadline or not.

3. Who’s your favorite fictional character?

Mr. Darcy (Best character arc ever!)

4. What’s your favorite part of the writing process?

Coming up with the story and creating the characters.

5. Do you prefer writing on paper or doing everything digitally?

I do everything digitally.

6. As a writer, what would you choose as your mascot?

An English Bulldog (I love them!)

7. What was the last thing (song, podcast, etc.) you listened to?

A playlist I created for the book I’m currently drafting.

8. If you could time travel (to the past or future), where/when would you go?

I’d travel to the past to spend more time with my dad and other loved ones that I’ve lost.

9. If there’s a spider in your house, do you kill it or set it free? 

I’m not doing anything with it. That’s my husband’s job.

10. What’s something you could eat for a week straight?  

Donuts. Mmmm.

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Victoria Scott started Scribbler in 2017 after traditionally publishing an impressive number of books with companies like HarperCollins Harlequin Scholastic and Macmillan. Victoria is an Uber-hailing city girl who is passionate about writing and helping other writers find their voice.

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